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Algonkian Writers Retreat in Beautiful Monterey

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I’ve tried NUMEROUS times to leave this review on Google, but it won’t show up publicly, though it says it’s being posted publicly, so I’m gonna just leave it right here, along with my frustration with #googlereviews and their lack of response to my request for help.

“I attended the Monterey Algonkian Writers retreat 2 weeks ago. We took over a huge coffee shop, worked, and ate at the local Thai restaurant and others. Walked pristine beaches, visited Cannery Row and the spirit of famous writers who came before, then worked till the wee hours on our manuscripts… ah, the writer’s life.

I’ve been involved with, attended, and taught at numerous writers’ conferences, but this one stands out far ahead of the others if you’re ready for it. The reason is, the prep work, and the one-on-one time with agents (like incredible #PaulaMunier) and editors discussing your work specifically, and not in some abstract way.     

Yep, that’s me with Paula at the coffee shop.

Additionally, the assignments that are sent out the weeks preceding the event are a priceless expedition through your own story, guided by the conference founder, the incredibly accomplished Michael Neff. By the time you get to your destination–be it Monterey or New York–you know the lingo, you have attempted a pitch (which they help to perfect) and you have a much deeper understanding of the story you’re trying to tell. For me, pitching and plotting are my weakest writerly attributes, so to have them addressed by professionals was priceless. If you’re ready to really work, explain your work, and expose yourself in a pitch, this is the conference for you. Oh, and making new writing friends from all corners of the country doesn’t hurt either.

I will return to other Algonkian events in the future, you know, after I finish my next novel. Keep writing. Cheers,

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