For Book Clubs & Reading Groups

BOOK CLUBS, I’m happy to visit your group (if local) or via ZOOM, conference call or google hangout with your group2021-pr-pic after they read Return To Sender.

CHAT TIPS; Here are some questions that you can ask of any author, regardless of what they’ve written:

Return To Sender specific questions;

Why Manzanita Oregon?

Why the 1950s post Korean War era? Is the history true?

How did you come up with Genghis Hansel?

Who was Solomon based on?

Have you eaten all the recipes on Imogene’s menu? Can you share one with the group?

Generic questions excerpted from Book Club Tips

Ask about the writing process.  How long did their book take to write?  To get published?

Does the author sit down at a desk to write for 8 hours a day, for example, or do they wait until the mood strikes?

Do they have an office?  What is it like?  Do they write in longhand?  On a laptop?  Who are their favorite authors? Who inspires them?

When did the author know he/she was a “real” writer?  At what point were they able to quit their day job? Was their family supportive?

Ask about the cover.  Did the author have any say in the design?

Ask about character development.  How is this done?  Are characters based on real people?  Are events based on actual events?

If they had a choice, what actor would they cast in the leading role?

Is there a movie deal in the works?

What are they working on now?