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Over the last three weeks I have had numerous conversations about authors and social media. At the University of Washington I had the opportunity to speak to a senior fiction writing class of aspiring writers, and they were surprised when I said to start building their platform NOW, before they are published.

Why? Author platform is what agents and publishers are looking for. As Jane Friedman explains “Author platform is one of the most difficult concepts to explain, partly because everyone defines it a little differently. But by far the easiest explanation is: an ability to sell books because of who you are or who you can reach.”

I like to share simple ways that I’ve learned about how to start building and or enhancing your author platform through Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and more. Anyway, it’s always great (for an instructor) when you see the light bulbs go on in the faces of your audience, as I did at the U of W a couple of weeks ago. Author platform does not have to mean Kardashian like followers, but at least a presence on social media via whatever outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) you feel comfortable with. And myNUMBER ONE TIP for social media success is; pick the one that you can envision yourself doing, possibly even enjoying, because if you don’t enjoy it you will fail. If you enjoy it you have a much greater chance of social media success.

I also spoke with Edmonds Community College this week about doing a summer workshop on this evergreen yet always changing, topic. I’ll post that date once it is confirmed.

If you’d like to hear a bit about my thoughts on writing and marketing you can listen to this interview I did yesterday with radio talk show hosts, Stone Payton and Lee Kantor on Business Writers Radio. And I must say, after doing several radio talk shows these gentlemen are standout pros – GREAT hosts. I enjoyed chatting with them and hope to again.  

2 thoughts on “Authors & Social Media – My Number One Tip

    Kay said:
    March 25, 2017 at 3:56 pm

    Fascinating and important–I wanted to give a presentation on this locally and was told by the writers’ group that no one wants to hear this stuff and it’s been overdone! On the other hand, hearing from the backup industry (book publicists, book managers, agents, publishers, even editors) that the first thing they do when asked for services is an “author assessment”–a review of the author’s online platform. Best have one, right! Onward!


      Mindy responded:
      March 26, 2017 at 2:44 pm

      Thanks for commenting, Kay. I appreciate your frustration, and you are right about what agents, editors, publishers, want.
      In my experience when writers don’t want to hear about social media for WRITERS, it’s because of one of three reasons: 1. it’s generational (many people of older gens are very resistant to social media and modern day marketing requirements) I’ve NEVER had to explain to a writer under 35 why they need some form of Social Media. 2. they don’t plan on getting published so there truly is no need for it, or 3. they truly believe THEY (are somehow special) an will not need it when published, and only one of those responses is correct; if they are writing as a hobby they will never need social media.
      I hope that helps. Mindy


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