Why I haven’t blogged in awhile…

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I haven’t blogged in awhile because in times of chaos (personal and political) I tend to withdraw and think. I also have needed time to reexamine my words, what I say, and most importantly what I write about. Everything matters now in ways it didn’t seem to before…so what can I say that will add to the conversation rather than detract???

The #METOO movement has brought up some painful memories, unresolved issues and pain that frankly, I thought I’d dealt with but haven’t. I will write about that in a later post, when I understand what about that matters now, and how to deal with past injustices, past wounds, now, and why adding my voice may (or may not) matter in this long overdue, sweeping and universal conversation.

Today I wanted to share this bit of wisdom from Lady Gaga (that’s right, lady Gaga), because right now it’s exactly how I feel, what I think and no one has (yet) said it better and with more clarity than she. PLEASE listen for the next 2 minutes and begin to think how you can make these changes in your life, and manifest a better world one relationship, one thought, and one action at a time. We need to unify in our collective humanity, and stop hurting one another in harmful social media conversations, in hurtful words over thanksgiving dinner, or in inappropriate sexual behavior in the home or workplace, and just start helping each other. Please watch HERE. or watch below.

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