A Novel Asking Life’s Big Question…

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In The Last Outrageous Woman, my friend, author Jessica Stone skillfully spins a tale about a group of elder-women who decide they’re going to plot, scheme, and organize a breakout and then the most ‘outrageous’ journey of a lifetime. This delightful story asks a big life question when the character Mattie asks of her retirement home friends, “if you could do anything, anything at all, no matter how . . . you know . . . how unlikely. Just once. What would it be?” And when one friend answers “I’d ride a camel…” Well, readers are in for a journey.

First these elder-ladies must overcome their own fears, shortcomings and family/legal/financial obstacles before they break themselves free from their ‘jailers’ at Restful Palms Retirement Home.
As the story unfolds it navigates sentiments from happy to sad, then on to triumphant, and ultimately ends on an inspirational note. This is a great read for readers and book clubs in search of a heartwarming and life-affirming story. As I read I pictured my elderly mom and her senior girlfriends in their retirement home acting just like these women. They will love this book.  Great job Jessica!

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