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picassoDid you know that writing is a way to exercise toxins from your body, heart and soul? Whether you are dealing with a broken heart, illness, death or grief, writing can help you heal.
But then I’ve always written my way through pain and heartache. I remember at 17 writing tragic poetry (tragic on every melodramatic level) about a broken heart, then again in my twenties and thirties – different men, same heart. I wrote through my sister’s death, my best friend’s death, and in the same year how I finally fell in love with someone who didn’t break my battered heart. Then in my forties finally writing about that found love, being married, being happy. Both kinds of writing, sad and happy, nurtured my soul and kept depression at bay. Now in my sixties writing is a crucial skillset on my healing journey, with chronic cancer as my travel companion.
Writing has been proven to •Strengthen the immune system •Enhance sleep •Reduce anxiety, melancholy, and loneliness •Aid in emotional or physical pain management •Instill a sense of clarity, purpose and meaning in life. And much more. And let’s face it even if you’re in tip-top health who couldn’t use a little of all of that.
James W. Pennebaker, PH.D, a research psychologist and author of Writing To Heal, said, “It is important to release the original trauma and see connections in order to heal from the trauma.”
Often, we can begin to release trauma by writing about it. Often, but not always, so if you are having difficulties or sense a deep state of depression please get help. If you can’t get a referral for a counselor from a friend, then start here at Counseling.org. I’ve dealt with depression and nothing is more helpful than a GOOD counselor. Having said that if you feel the counselor you have found is not suited to you and your needs, find another. Seek until you find the one who can help.
I will be sharing information on writing to heal in this blog. Please share on twitter and Facebook where I have the hashtag #write2heal and don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter to follow these posts.twitter-follow-achiever
And remember,
Like stars illuminating a path let your words be your guide to well-being.

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