Novel Inspired by True Story ~ Treasure of Forgotten Faces

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Return To Sender is based on some true story details. There has been a stack of 1950-54 Airmail envelopes with negatives tucked in the letters stashed in a tin box in my cabinet for close to forty years. I finally took the negatives to the one and only developing company in Bellevue WA that could handle the fragile reproductions. What I discovered was a treasure of forgotten faces. Many of the pictures were from my ex-father-in-law who is now deceased. He told me how he adored the Korean kids, many of whom were orphans, while he was there during the war, and how broken hearted he was to leave them behind. In part, those brief insights into his heart that otherwise seemed as impenetrable as stone, were inspiration for my character Theo’s back story.

LOOK at these faces; How could you not be broken-hearted to leave them behind?

kids buggy korean boy

Then, while cleaning out my attic I discovered the full photograph album and love letters written and sent from Korea and Japan.

You can red the interview with a local newspaper here “Author’s book inspired by 60-year-old letters, photos”


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    […] both my father and my father-in-law; the slaughter of innocent children by their own people. Having these precious photographs of many of these children made their stories personal to […]


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