My first google hangout – an interview with Bill Johnson from Willamette Writers about the release of my novel, Return To Sender. Despite my lousy pitch for my novel (I experienced a brain hiatus), it was fun. Let me try to redeem myself – The quick pitch is:

Return To Sender is a literary thriller about an ex-war-hero turned Catholic Priest, and a religious fanatic serial killer colliding with destiny.

There, see, I know what it’s about! Cheers, Mindy


Recently, the editors at Pubslush asked me, “What inspires you to write?” ~ My answer;

My writing influences started early in life. When I was ten years old I met a man outside the cannery in Wheeler Oregon. I was waiting for my dad to drop off his fresh caught salmon and have a beer with the cannery owner. I stayed outside because inside was the nostril scorching stench of dead fish! The one bench was half occupied by that man, so I sat down, broke my Popsicle in two and handed him half. He said “Thank you!” and that he would trade me a good story for my gift.

Several times that summer we sat on that dog-eared bench, shared a Popsicle, a story, and watched pigeons’ pick at fish scraps by the boat ramp. He recanted legends and explained that he was one of the last Nehalem Indians, and that he was healer, a shaman. He had a cryptic dialect and a guttural but soothing voice.

The real tree hut I used as the idea for Solomon's home in Return To Sender
The real tree hut I used as the idea for Solomon’s home in Return To Sender

From my story-vision board; The real tree hut I used as the idea for Solomon’s home in Return To Sender -forward many years; him long forgotten, until one night he came to me in a dream. I knew my wise healer was there for a reason. I tingle now, writing this. I had cancer, however didn’t know it yet –I learned two weeks later. —-

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Read about Solomon for yourself and let me know what you think.

Return To Sender is now available in paperback or Kindle, at bookstores and Amazonand Barnes & Noble.

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